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About Maria

“Maria is part earth mother goddess, part spiritual mentor, and part serious athlete — her class is rigorous, thoughtful, playful, profound, and loving."

Maria Cutrona

One truth that I have found through my practice and teaching of yoga over the past 25 years: Yoga and meditation are a journey inward to find how to live more deeply in the present moment.

We take many forms in this world. I am a teacher, a friend, an activist, a daughter, a wife, a dancer and many other things. These superficial forms can easily come to define us and sometimes imprison us - energetically, emotionally, psychologically, and physically.

Together we can dispel these myths. On our mats, we embody divinity and our power shines forth.

The Practice

My training is steeped in the ashtanga tradition blending elements from vinyasa flow and the rigor of Yin Yoga. You will embark upon self exploration in my classes, yoga retreats, private sessions, and workshops. Drop into your power, essence, authenticity, and liberation.

Practice is the science of waking up with deep respect and appreciation for who you are right now. Practice is the art of dropping into peace and happiness - which is available to us all the time.

Practice shifts your perspective and sets the stage for your complete transformation.

We use breath, alignment, and awareness to find harmony in the mind-body continuum.

Photos taken by James Wang