Stillness in Puerto Rico (Jan 29 - Feb 5, 2017)

Stillness in Puerto Rico (Jan 29 - Feb 5, 2017)


Step out of your winter routine and take pause in the warmth of Puerto Rico. Join me for 7 days in Corcega Beach and experience the transformative benefits of a daily practice. 

The day starts with meditation as the sun begins to rise, taking the stillness with you into a rigorous asana practice. The practice is followed by meals lovingly prepared by a local chef accompanied by fresh fruit and vegetable juices. As you absorb nourishing food and a discipline of a mind and body practice, you dlve deeper into your purest self. 

The practice is accompanied by acupuncture and massage sessions with Michelle Ladue -- Moon Flower Healing Arts

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Sample Daily Itinerary

7 am           Mediation
8 am           Tea/Fresh Juice
8 am           Yoga Class
10:30 am    Mediation
11 pm           Breakfast
12 pm         Personal Time
1 pm             Lunch
2 pm             Acupuncture, walks, surfing, beach
4:30 pm        Restorative Yin Yoga class
6:30 pm        Dinner
8 pm             Mediation